Game of Thrones: Arya Stark may be OUTED as Azor Ahai in Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones has gone through quite the tumultuous journey so far. With Winds of Winter supposedly just around the corner, George RR Martin has promised fans that the next step in the epic story is on its way. With this in mind, fans have been working hard on their theories over what is going to happen next.

While a number of fans have been working on theories surrounding the Prince who would be Promised, not many have connected the prophecy to Arya Stark.

In the books Arya has already gone though quite the journey already, and has trained with both The Hound and the Faceless Men.

So then, it would be apt to call the young princess a warrior.

While Azor Ahai has been prophesied to return to destroy the Night King, fans of the franchise are in a unique position as they watched Arya do just that in the HBO show.

Although it has not been completely confirmed that the ending to HBO’s show is going to mimic that of the books’ story, it could serve as a good basis.

Therefore, it is sensible to assume it may happen, but in a completely different way.

With that in mind, the Azor Ahai prophecy seems to fit in with Arya’s life with a bit of sculpting.

Arya was certainly present during the return of the bleeding star, and has since seen how the Night King has begun his attack on the free world of Westeros.

The key element of Azor Ahai’s return is to kill the Night King, however, with a flaming holy blade no less.

Certainly, Arya could take on the Night King on her own, but she would surely have to use some sort of flaming weapon.

If the “weapon” was instead a person than a sword, fans would quickly recognise that one of Arya’s closest allies was The Hound – a man famously set on fire.

While The Hound has found himself in a collection of battles across the ongoing story, he has always come out on top.

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Could this in fact mean he is the flaming weapon Arya could use?

Meanwhile, fans have also become convinced that Jon Snow is not the only hidden Targaryen heir.

The later books in the franchise have spelled out the return of one Targaryen heir – disguised as Young Griff.

But references to a “false dragon” has led fans to believe he might not really be a Targaryen.

Instead, they believe Samwell Tarly is actually a hidden Targaryen baby that was taken away by his “father” – Randall Tarly.

This would make a hugely confusing subsection of the Targaryen family tree, as it would mean Jon Snow and Samwell are brothers.

But where would this leave Daenerys Targaryen with two male Targaryen heirs ahead of her in the run up to the throne?

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