Game of Thrones: George RR Martin’s original book had THIS huge problem

We’re now several weeks on from the conclusion of the Game of Thrones TV series, which takes inspiration from George RR Martin’s literary saga A Song of Ice and Fire; and it’s still prompting much online discussion and dissection.

Whether fans were satisfied with how it ended or not, its sheer popularity is all thanks to Martin’s works, which began with the first of a planned seven novels; A Game of Thrones in 1996.

But surprisingly, it was far from an instant smash – and in fact, publishers had to actually re-release it multiple times before it finally caught on.

Speaking in 2013, Jane Johnson – the publishing director at HarperCollins – said that once it finally did begin to find an audience, anticipation for subsequent novels went stratospheric.

“It wasn’t plain sailing right from the start,” Johnson told the Telegraph at the time.

“We had to relaunch the paperback of A Game of Thrones twice before it really took off.

“But once we had word-of-mouth, it spread like wildfire, and soon fans were beating down our doors for the next instalment.”

In the same interview, Martin himself quipped that he misses the days when he would write a book without relentless anticipation.

“My first three novels, I just wrote them and gave them to my publisher,” he recalled.

“Nobody was waiting for the next one and that was so nice.”

He added that after ASOIAF concludes with A Dream of Spring, he will “pretend I’m dead, so I can write in peace”.

The Winds of Winter is the sixth – and next – book in the series; and Martin has recently indicated that it should be out by the summer of 2020.

If it does finally arrive then, it will be nine years later than its predecessor; 2011’s A Dance with Dragons.

Fans’ excitement for its publication has been high for years now, but has kicked up even more in the wake of the TV series concluding in May.

In the meantime, Martin will be in the UK for a special event in August, and he’s also been given a Hall of Fame honour in New Jersey.

He released Westeros companion book, Fire and Blood, late last year – providing a “fictional history” for the world he created.

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