Game of Thrones: THIS Robert Baratheon ASOIAF book moment has fans reassessing the King

King Robert Baratheon was widely seen as a pleasure-seeking oaf in A Song of Ice and Fire, but now fans are reassessing his character in A Game of Thrones. One Reddit user has pointed out an exchange between the King and Ned Stark, which is quite revealing. The moment takes place after Robert is wounded by the boar and is dying.

Reddit user Gooncross wrote: “So Robert’s just been wounded by the boar and he’s about to die.

“He’s writing up his will with Ned and then this happens.”

Quoting A Game of Thrones chapter Eddard XIII, it reads: “‘Robert,’ Ned said in a voice thick with grief, ‘You must not do this. Don’t die on me. The realm needs you.’

“Robert took his hand, fingers squeezing hard.”

The quote continued: “‘You are…such a bad liar, Ned Stark,’ he said through his pain.

“‘The realm…the realm knows what a wretched king I’ve been.

“‘Bad as Aerys, the gods spare me.’

“‘No,’ Ned told his dying friend, ‘not so bad as Aerys, Your Grace. Not near so bad as Aerys.’”

The Reddit user argued: “This really made me feel bad about Robert because he is such a tragic character.

“Throughout the book he is painted as a dumb oaf who is really only interested in tournaments and other women, which bankrupted the realm and ruined an already-doomed marriage. The small council makes all the decisions.

“And then he gets gored and you realise that he isn’t as dumb as most people think.

“He’s aware of his shortcomings as a king and thinks he ruled so poorly that his reign is comparable to the Mad King’s.”

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They added: “He is one of those characters that makes you think ‘If only x was different he would have had such a better life’ but GRRM is a fan of writing characters into positions or reputations they don’t deserve (Jaime is another great example).

“Also he really wasn’t such a bad king.

“His reign was largely peaceful and he was beloved by the smallfolk.

“Either way it was very sobering to realise that this apparent drunkard was incredibly aware of his perceived failures and thought he was just as bad as his insane predecessor.”

Meanwhile, today marks George RR Martin’s personal deadline to have finished The Winds of Winter.

The 71-year-old had committed to having the penultimate ASOIAF book completed in time for New Zealand WorldCon 2020, which is now taking place virtually.

Sadly, Martin has missed another deadline, but has said in recent blog posts that he has been making good progress this year.

His new deadline is that he hopes to publish The Winds of Winter by the end of 2021.

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