A Place In The Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth says co-hosts ‘helped calm my nerves’ ahead of debut

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A Place In The Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth, 33, has spoken about being inundated with kind messages from his co-hosts after securing the presenting role on the Channel 4 property show last year. Speaking to Express.co.uk, the star revealed that the advice he received from his colleagues helped to “calm his nerves” ahead of filming his first show.

They’ve all reached out to me along the way in the past six months

Lee Juggurnauth

Upon becoming part of the APITS family, the presenter revealed that his co-hosts reached out to send congratulatory messages.

He said: “Scarlett [Douglas] when I first got on the show she was great, she reached out to me.

“They’ve all reached out to me along the way in the past six months, we’ve all touched base, we’re part of a WhatsApp group and they’ve been incredibly supportive,” he added.

The former music runner previously revealed that he bagged his dream TV role after being rejected from the show two years ago, as they were in favour of hiring a female presenter.

But after a series of successful auditions, the star was told he had landed the Channel 4 gig.

Lee continued: “When I went and did my first show in November last year they were all giving me tips, because it is a very nerve-racking process.

“Because you forget, even though you’re making a TV show, this is reality and there are a couple whose dream is to find a place in the sun.

“So getting all the technicalities of a TV show right and trying to make a TV show, our job is to make this happen for them and it’s a big deal”, he explained.

The star and founder of his self-titled clothing line, Juggurnauth Clothing, revealed that the advice he received from his co-stars helped to “calm” his nerves and boost his confidence.

“All the other presenters really helped calm my nerves a little bit and just be at one with it,” he said.

However, he went on to explain that the nature of the job meant that the presenters only very rarely got together.

Addressing his filming schedule, Lee explained: “We were meant to go back on the road the first week of January, we all had different schedules as were all in different parts of the country.

“So in hindsight it’s very rare that you’re together.

“Once the Covid thing is over I do believe that in the summer we’ll do some kind of get together,” he continued.

Recently Lee revealed that he, Scarlett, and Danni Menzies had been working on a project in a studio together.

The APITS trio took to Instagram to post a reel documenting their time together.

Lee joked: “Decided to step into the studio with Dannie Menzies and Scarlett Douglass and start a band, stay tuned for our first album”, accompanied by a winking emoji face.

Just days ago, the star posted a snap of himself standing in front of a blue swimming pool in Greece on the island of Spetses.

He captioned the picture: “”Super blessed to be back at work”.

A Place In The Sun continues weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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