Adam Peaty and Katya Jones ‘told off’ by crew member during Strictly rehearsals

Strictly: Adam and Katya 'told off' in walk through rehearsal

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Adam Peaty and Katya Jones received a “telling off” from a member of the Strictly Come Dancing crew, during rehearsals ahead of tomorrow’s live show. The Olympic swimmer had taken to Instagram to give his 585,000 followers an update on how practice was going, when they were told to stand in a different spot while their co-stars could get to work around them.

We’re being told off!

Adam Peaty

Showing off the Strictly studio, Adam gave an insight into what it takes to get cast and crew ready ahead of the live show.

Panning the studio, he told the camera: “So rehearsals are going well, this is the walk down rehearsal for tomorrow night when we walk down the platform.”

The star’s dance partner Katya suddenly appeared before they were both reprimanded by a member of the crew for not standing in the right place.

They could be heard saying: “On your red ‘T’ please,” as the duo shuffled to get into place.

“We’re being told off!” Adam exclaimed as he and Katya got into position.

“Red ‘T’? OK, we’re on the red ‘T’,”the Olympian said, as Katya could be heard saying “red ‘T’, red ‘T'” while shuffling into place.

But cutting in, the crew member said that they were still in the incorrect position.

“Adam, can you go the other side?” they were heard directing the swimmer.

Promptly moving to the other side of his dance partner, Adam went on: “I’ll move to the other side.”

Addressing Strictly pairing Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin, the star poked fun at their matching tracksuits.

Zooming in on his co-stars, Adam compared them to characters out of the popular Korean Netflix series: “We’ve got Squid Game there, that’s not their outfit for tomorrow,” he assured Strictly fans.

“But it’s going well, rehearsals are going well,” he added before Katya cut in.

“What are we dancing to? Do you know now?” she asked her partner.

“The Viennese Waltz, not the Viennese Swirl,” Adam replied, referencing the popular biscuit.

“Nothing is swirling, it’s the Viennese Waltz,” Katya clarified before Adam became distracted by Tilly in the background.

“Tilly Ramsay!” he exclaimed as the TV presenter hid behind Nikita.

“Let’s go!” Adam added before signing off.

This week sees Adam and Katya perform to Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.

Last week the couple finished in seventh place on the leaderboard following their Samba to Faith by George Michael.

Strictly Come dancing continues tomorrow at 7.10 pm on BBC One.

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