Alyah Chanelle Scott Reacts to Criticism of Her ‘TSLOCG’ Character’s Non-Black Love Interests

Alyah Chanelle Scott is reacting to critiques about her character Whitney’s love life on The Sex Lives of College Girls.

The 25-year-old actress’ character has had three love interests on the HBO Max series, with only one of them being Black.

Recently, she acknowledged the criticism after Whitney and Canaan broke up in season one and the lack of more Black love interests. She also noted that her journey on the show is similar to what some Black women go through when attending PWIs (predominately white institutions).

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“I think the criticism isn’t necessarily on the show alone. I think it’s on the industry,” Alyah told Popsugar. “I think the pressure is on all media and the way we see our relationships portrayed across all streaming platforms, across all shows. We want to see representation of Black love that is healthy, normal, and that isn’t traumatic or trauma porn. I agree with that. I think that’s so fair and a valid want for the community.”

“She is naturally going to be around a lot of white people, as are all the characters,” she continued. “I, too, love Canaan and want [him and Whitney] to be endgame. Whitney’s just learning, she’s growing, and she’s trying her best. I think at this point she does want to work on herself and be by herself. You’ll see what happens to her, though.”


The end of season two of Sex Lives of College Girls saw Whitney going to tell Canaan she wants to try again, but catches him kissing her roommate Kimberly.

The series has indeed been renewed for a third season, so we’ll have to wait to see what happens next!

Recently, Alyah co-starred in her co-star Renee Rapp‘s new music video for “Too Well.”

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