Arie Luyendyk Jr., Lauren Burnham Cry Through Their Wedding Vows in New Video

All hail the spouses now known as “Larie”! Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and season 22 contestant Lauren Burnham have finally released the video from their wedding in January on YouTube, including footage of their emotional vows.

As Bachelor host Chris Harrison officiated the Hawaiian ceremony, Luyendyk, 37, and Burnham, 27, took turns singing each other’s praises and vowing to be each other’s life partner, and fighting back tears throughout their speeches.

“Lauren, I promise to love with without reservation, comfort you, and most importantly, honor you — because for as long as we both shall live, I will put you and our marriage first,” the groom said. “For the past year, I have dreamt of this day. I pictured you walking toward me down that aisle. And you’re even more beautiful standing here than I ever could have imagined. This has been an incredible, life-changing year, and you’ve been the difference. You have the most gentle heart, and I can honestly say that you have made me a better man. I am the best version of myself because I’m with you.”

The former racecar driver even snuck in a self-deprecating joke as he envisioned the couple’s future, which includes Alessi, the daughter they welcomed last month: “I see it all: Our little girl running around the house, our family together, being there for when things get hard, growing old and gray together, even though I’m already gray, and celebrating in all of life’s great moments. I’ll always be by your side, and nothing makes me happier. My best friend, my soulmate, and now I can finally call you my wife. I’m so proud to be your husband.”

Then it was Burnham’s turn. “Arie, the day I met you, my entire life changed,” she said. “We didn’t realize what life had planned for us at the time, but now, after everything, it’s evident we were always meant to be together.”

At that point in her speech, the Virginia native was already choking up. “Thought I’d last longer than that,” she quipped.

She continued: “You are everything I ever wanted and everything I needed without even knowing. I can’t wait to share all of the beautiful moments life has in store for us. And I promise to always be there when things are not so beautiful. I can’t wait to meet our daughter and see your bond with her grow. I promise to always support you and encourage you to chase your passions. I promise to help share the weight of our challenges because together, there’s nothing that we cannot face if we stand together. I promise to always love you, inspire you, trust you, and respect you. This is my promise to you as your partner, your friend and lover, today and every day until the end of time.”

Burnham was the runner-up in season 22 but became engaged to Luyendyk in March 2018 after he split with season 22 winner Becca Kufrin, who got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen in The Bachelorette season 22.

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