Arrested Development’s Tony Hale addresses moment he thought sitcom ‘was done’ for good

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Tony Hale, 49, first starred in Arrested Development back in 2003, when the show aired on Fox in the US before it was cancelled three years later. The comedian recalled that he thought at the time that the show “was done” for good, before Netflix decided to commission a new season of the show two years ago.

I have no idea

Tony Hale

The first half of the final season aired in 2018 and the second half the following year to rave reviews on the streaming service.

Tony exclusively told that the re-commission made him realise that nothing in his career is ever guaranteed.

He said: “I’ve learned after being in this business for 25 years, I’ve learned that I have no idea when something’s going to finish or whatever. 

“When I was on Arrested Development, I thought that was done and then they brought it back for season four and five. So I never know.”

Last year Tony starred in major blockbuster movie Toy Story 4 playing new character Forky.

The actor noted that playing the role was a natural progression from Buster Bluth, because both characters battle their own “anxiety”.

He explained: “There’s definitely an anxiety through-line, that I could carry over, thankfully Forky comes to open his eyes. 

“I don’t think Buster had that experience. I think he just stayed in his anxiety and his panic. 

“Forky, definitely grows, and loves and learns and has hope. So it was nice to have that full curve.”

The cast from Arrested Development recently met before the pandemic began to catch-up and they are still close friends.

Tony revealed: “Yeah before this pandemic we kind of got together a lot but I’m also very close with my friends from Veep.

“Every now and then I see some folks from Arrested but having just come off Veep, we were pretty close.”

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Veep is a political satire comedy that aired for seven years on HBO starring Tony and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the main protagonists.

The show has won multiple Emmy Awards for both the production and the cast.

In 2019 the show came to an end as Julia battled cancer and began to have chemotherapy.

Next up for the actor is a show on Hulu titled The Mysterious Benedict Society.

He shared: “Yeah I’m going to be shooting this series for Hulu called The Mysterious Benedict Society.

“Which is a wonderful children’s series that teaches kids a lot about empathy.

 “It’s this benefactor called Benedict that sends these orphans on secret missions. 

“A lot of it is there are negative messages in the world, the power of empathy and calling out those negative.” 

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