Beach Day! Monaco's Princess Charlene Posts Adorable Photo of 5-Year-Old Twins on Family Vacation

"Jacques and Gabriella have so many opportunities available to them.They've traveled the world since they were born, they have already been in contact with many cultures, everything around them has always been a source of learning and fulfillment. Each day spent at their side is exciting," the princess, who has has stressed how much she learns from her children in the past, added.

"When I was a child, the daily life and pace of life was very different," she added, noting that her twins, "are happy to be able to benefit from it being light here until a much later hour."

One other family member by the Princess' side has been her husband. "I've been training for several weeks in Calvi, at the rate of several hours per day. Like me, my husband is a former Olympic athlete (and though) he will not take part in the relay, he will be there, aboard a boat, to support me," she said.

Recent training sessions have welcomed new team relay members mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor and Atlantic ocean rower Mathew Bennett have accelerated. The riders who'll race the 24-hour distance overnight have increased tests of the bikes, their night lights and occasionally spotted whales.

"This crossing is a challenge," Charlene added. "But we're determined to see it through. In our family, we are driven by a strong competitive spirit. As an athlete, I've been trained to break world records, and that's the kind of thing that stays with you forever. Even if I have to jump into the water and finish swimming, I will go all the way."

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