Beyoncé’s Epic Side-Eye at the Golden State Warriors Game Just Sent Twitter into a Frenzy

Yesterday, the Carters arrived in Oakland to watch Steph Curry and the star-studded Golden State Warriors play against Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors in Game Three of the NBA Finals (the Raptors won). Naturally, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were courtside for the high-stakes game, seated next to the Warriors’s owner, Joe Lacob, and his wife Nicole Curran.

In a 13-second clip uploaded to ESPN’s Twitter account, Curran, who was seated between Beyoncé and Lacob, leans around Bey to speak with Jay-Z. Before he had time to answer, Jay and Bey made eye contact with fans across the court and began to wave and smile at them. However, Bey’s smile quickly fades as Curran continues to lean over to talk to the superstar’s husband. In the last two seconds of the video, Beyoncé is seen adjusting herself in her seat.

Although we don’t know for sure what they discussed, the Twittersphere and the Beyhive quickly saw the brief interaction between Curran and the Carters and immediately shared their hot takes.

Below, we explore the 20 best Twitter reactions that range from petty to hilarious.

Before the interaction, a basketball fan was stoked that her fave made a surprise visit to the Oracle Arena for the important game.

After ESPN posted the Twitter video, fans quickly flooded the social networking site with their thoughts. Some even questioned why Curran thought it was okay to speak over Bey.

While others were focused on that “petty” nudge at the end of the video.

A few people even thought Bey had the power to get the co-owner’s wife removed from the stadium. However, that wasn’t the case.

The Beyhive got in formation and found Curran’s personal Instagram account, where they left countless bee emojis under her pictures.

Comments are currently disabled on Curran’s Instagram account. However, she did post a screenshot of her and Bey with a caption that reads: “We should all help and support each other.”

While the memes are mostly lighthearted, there is one important lesson we learned here: Don’t mess with Beyoncé and the Beyhive.

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