Bobby Berk reveals ‘Queer Eye’ co-star Jonathan Van Ness fainted while filming

Not even the Hotlanta heat could get in the way of “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness keeping it cute.

Bobby Berk, who stars on the Netflix show, revealed during a Q&A celebrating the launch of his limited edition designed wine bottle for Ecco Domani on Thursday that the southern heat took a toll on Van Ness while filming Season 1.

Chatting with Page Six during the event at The Mezzanine, Berk told us, “It was Atlanta in the middle of summer, with a broken air conditioner. It was so hot and he had on this thick black wool sweater, and no exaggeration it was probably 115 degrees in that house.”

The Fab Five member, 37, explained that eventually, Van Ness was found on a couch passed out.

“I’m fanning him and everybody is like, ‘Take the sweater off!’ and he’s like, ‘No, it’s cute!’

Thankfully, the show’s grooming guru was just dehydrated and no further medical attention was needed.

Berk explained a bit more to the crowd that while filming with Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Antoni Porowski, broken air conditioners were a weekly occurrence.

“Air conditioners are just like those freezers that get the frost in them,” he explained. “If you have a lot of humidity coming into an air conditioner unit, the coils actually completely freeze solid and then no air blows there.”

As for JVN’s fainting episode, Berk joked with attendees, “That’s what she gets for demanding to wear a sweater!”

The Q&A was conducted by the editor-in-chief of Out magazine, Phillip Picardi.

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