‘Bridgerton’ Is Netflix’s Most-Watched Show Ever, Beating ‘The Witcher’!

Netflix has a new hit show – Bridgerton! The period drama has surpassed previous most-watched drama The Witcher in the ratings.

In the first 28 days on the streaming service, 82 million households have viewed the show, vs The Witcher‘s initial numbers which came out to 76 million views in 28 days.

THR did some math, however, and it still seems like The Witcher could be considered their most-watched show. When The Witcher debuted in December 2019, Netflix had just over 169 million subscribers. That would equal about 45% of streamer members watching the series. With the growth of subscribers to when Bridgerton debuted, that would only make Bridgerton‘s debut equal about 40% of subscribers.

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