Brielle Biermann’s Lips Look Plumper Than Ever With Bright Red Lip Gloss In New Selfies

Brielle Biermann’s a big fan of lip fillers, and thanks to bright red gloss her pout looks more super-sized than usual. She’s making no bones about it in a selfie claiming ‘I love by big a** lips.’

Now those are some serious smackers. Brielle Biermann has never been secretive when it comes to her love of getting her lips plumped. But thanks to a bright red shade of lip gloss they looked bigger than ever in two selfies the 22-year-old shared on May 31 and June 1. It the first it she’s looking up at the camera with her lips slightly parted while she has plenty of bronzer on her face to draw attention to the red shade. She got all glammed up to tell fans how much she loved the new movie Rocketman about Elton John. But in the second pic all she had to say in the caption was “I love my big ass lips” as they looked even bigger and she got some negative feedback from fans. 

“I saw Rocketman last night. I am now obsessed with Elton John❤️” she captioned the first sexy selfie. Brielle’s seen wearing her long blonde locks in loose waves while sporting a choker with crosses on it and a white short-sleeved sweater. She’s seen in the passenger’s seat of a car and fans went absolutely nuts for how great her makeup looked. She’s in the exact same outfit in the second pic but has her lips pursed together. 

In the first photo fans were praising Brielle’s looks. “Love your lipstick! Brand and Color please? ❤️❤️😘” a woman named Lisa asked Brielle in the comments while another person told her “Beautiful make up here. Love this look on you.” “What lipstick are you wearing???? It’s gorgeous,” a user named Tina asked. But in her “big ass lips” pic, fans became far more critical and thought she’s gone too far with fillers.

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