Britney Spears' Husband, Sam Asghari Celebrated in Iranian Magazine

Sam’s the man in Iran … according to one Iranian magazine.

Britney Spears‘ freshly-minted husband, Sam Asghari, is being celebrated by his home country … touting Iranian men as the gold standard!

Sam was born in Tehran, so his pic was plastered on the cover of the Tehran International Weekly Magazine with the headline — “Once You Go Persian There’s No Other Version.”

The mag is super popular, not just in Iran but in the U.S. as well, so Sam has some pretty impressive bragging rights with his pals.

Sam and Brit tied the knot earlier this month … he did sign a prenup beforehand, essentially keeping all Britney’s assets separate. Nonetheless, they are now a happily married couple.

Just yesterday, Britney posted video of Sam jumping in their brand new pool at their new Calabasas.

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