Caitlyn Jenner Pokes Fun at Gender Transition: My ‘Retired’ Penis Made Kendall and Kylie

Prior to this, the retired Olympian was roasted by her model daughter’s ex-boyfriend Blake Griffin, who thanked her for giving her daughters their ‘daddy issues.’

AceShowbiz -Besides roasting Alec Baldwin, Caitlyn Jenner took the time to respond to all the jokes involving her gender reassignment surgery. Instead of hitting back at the trolls, the retired athlete decided to poke fun at herself too, as seen in a trailer clip for Comedy Central’s Roast of Alec Baldwin.

She began by saying, “All of you are making these silly comments and jokes about how I kind of cut it off,” clearly making a reference to her genitals. She then reminded everyone that her successful daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, wouldn’t even be here if it’s not for her manhood. “Let me remind you, it made Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made billionaire in history. It made Kendall Jenner, the highest-paid model in the world.”

Concluding her speech, Cailtyn said, “I raised 10 children. I’m coming up on 20 grandchildren. I didn’t cut it off. I just retired it. It was done!”

Caitlyn came out as trans woman during an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015 and completed her sex reassignment surgery in January 2017. Despite the procedure, she said that she had never been sexually attracted to men, but always to women, and that, keeping in mind the difficulty people had understanding the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, she identifies as asexual for now.

Back to the Roast of Alec Baldwin, Caitlyn had also made headlines before after he was roasted by Kendall’s ex-boyfriend Blake Griffin. “Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment in 2017 … finally confirming that no one in that family wants a white d**k,” the NBA star said. “On behalf of the entire NBA and half of the rappers on the Billboard charts, I want to thank you for giving your daughters their daddy issues!”

Also featuring Ireland Baldwin, Robert De Niro and Ken Jeong, the Roast of Alec Baldwin will air on September 15 at 10 P.M. ET on Comedy Central.

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