Carol Vorderman ‘willing to mud wrestle’ Susanna Reid over ‘love of her life’ Rob Rinder

Carol Vorderman says Rob Rinder is 'the love of her life'

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Carol Vorderman, 61, has jokingly issued Susanna Reid with a warning as she quipped that the Good Morning Britain star was trying to steal Rob Rinder from her. In a hilarious rant posted on social media, the Countdown star joked about fighting Susanna over “the love of her life”, ITV’s Judge Rob Rinder, whom she had interviewed for a recent podcast.

She shared a video of herself speaking to the camera in view of her 225,000 Instagram followers as she gave Susanna a warning.

Carol said: “Well I’m happy to say I’ve had a lovely day because we’ve been recording lots of interviews for the Pride of Britain podcast that’s going out at the moment.

“If you haven’t heard one yet or watched one yet then just go to one of the social channels and I hope you enjoy it.

“But do you know what our winners on Pride of Britain are? Extraordinary.

“I mean they are so just…special and I’ve found that I’m learning a lot from them and I have today.”

Carol continued: “I also…was interviewing the love of my life Rob Rinder, Judge Rob Rinder.

“Susanna Reid keeps trying to take him away from me.

“I’ve told her I’m willing to mud wrestle her for him.

“But she hasn’t taken me up on that yet sadly.”

The TV star jokingly doubled down on her fight warning for Susanna, who she said has not yet accepted the challenge.

She wrote: “I’ve had a lovely day interviewing some of our former @prideofbritain winners for our new podcast EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE -THE PRIDE OF BRITAIN. Please have a listen.

“Also interviewed the love of my life @robrinder…..special and a joy as ever.

“I’ve told @susannareid100 that I’ll mud wrestle her for him….but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer YET.”

Both Susanna and Carol have worked on TV shows with Rinder, starring alongside the TV judge on Celebrity Gogglebox and Celebrity Bake Off respectively.

Fans appeared amused by Carol’s rivalry with her fellow TV presenter as they inundated the post’s comments section.

Officialjoelmutton enquired: “Mud Wrestling. Can I buy a ticket please for charity.” (sic)

Anthonyhall3162 quipped: “Any front row tickets for that mud wrestle fight.”

Darren.horvath.180 commented: “Love to see the mud wrestling.” (sic)

Pjkelly66 typed: ”Please, we want to see you mud wrestle!!!!”

Carol appeared in great spirits as she shared an insight into her podcast recording for the Pride of Britain Awards.

She could be seen in the clip wearing white long-sleeved top, accessorised with a gold necklace.

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