Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ opens up on ‘traumatic day’ following anniversary revelation

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Chris Evans, 54, doesn’t appear to be a fan of the dentist as he described his most recent experience as “traumatic”. And it must have been painful because it resulted in awkward consequences when he forgot his wedding anniversary to wife Natasha.

I had my trauma day! I had the trauma at the dentist; full on filling

Chris Evans

The radio DJ has been very open over the fact they don’t celebrate their anniversary itself, as they have two special days to commemorate.

He and Natasha were married at a registry office in 2007 on 12 August but they had another ceremony with their friends and family in Portugal three days later on 15 August, which they decided would be the one to remember.

Only this year, Chris forgot.

Speaking to Vassos Alexander on Friday, Chris spoke about how it had totally slipped his mind.

“Me and Tash celebrate our anniversary on 15 August, we just do,” he said.

“It’s the party reason!”

As he recounted all the medical and cosmetic procedures he’d had done over the years and how they had changed his life, he revealed his mistake on-air.

“I have to go back soon for something else to be done, but it’s changed my life,” he said, before listing some of the services.

“Laser surgery, varicose vein surgery, meeting Natasha, having the children,” Chris trailed off before adding: “Forgetting the wedding anniversary…”

“I was building up to that one, saving that one until later!” Vassos laughed.

“Well Tash missed it too!” the host tried to justify the slip up.

Chris revealed that his “trauma” came in threes, as the mistake with the forgotten date stemmed from his dentist visit.

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“I had my trauma day! I had the trauma at the dentist; full on filling,” the former BBC presenter painfully recalled.

“Then I had the readjustment of my left shoulder in my own living room with the children watching and laughing!”

With it all adding up, the thought of his anniversary went out the window.

But with technically having two anniversaries, Chris previously described it as the “curveball” in his marriage.

“That’s the curveball, we never celebrate our anniversary!” he said.

Despite not usually planning anything special and before the major slip up, Chris hinted that this year he might have planned a little surprise.

While he wouldn’t tell listeners what it was, his co-stars were very excited for Natasha’s reaction.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays on Virgin Radio at 6.30am.

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