Christine McGuinness on autism diagnosis at 33: ‘I’m finally living life’

Christine McGuinness has revealed that similarly to her three children, she has been diagnosed with autism.

The mum-of-three explained in a heart-wrenching video interview with OK! that she had suspected the diagnosis for a while, but it wasn’t until she noticed similarities to her children that she decided to go through the diagnosis process.

The 33-year-old explained that while writing her autobiography, A Beautiful Nightmare, it felt like the right time to tell her story.

“There’s lots of stories in there that I’ve not spoken about before and I’m hoping that anyone that reads it will find some inspiration and some strength and know that you can overcome anything," she told us.

On the diagnosis process, Christine told OK!: “There was lots of things in there that ticked the boxes and there were signs and symptoms of autism so for me it wasn’t a shock getting the diagnosis, actually it was quite a relief.”

Opening up about autism for the first time, Christine, who is married to TV host Paddy McGuinness, explained: “I always felt different at school, I really struggled to fit in, I struggled socially. I didn’t ever really make any good friendships.”

Reflecting on her childhood, the stunning blonde told us that her school experience was "overwhelming" as she struggled in large social situations, such as eating in the busy dining hall.

“I remember when it came to my exams, it was just impossible for me to do, I left the room in tears and it actually meant that I left school quite early, earlier than I should have because I struggled so much.”

She added: “And that continued all through life, especially the social side of things it’s something I’ve always struggled with and with the food, I was told that I had anorexia when I was a teenager.”

“I don’t worry about my weight or my body, it’s just that I’m very particular in what I eat. I’ve always eaten a beige diet, which is what all three of my children eat and that’s quite common for autistic people.”

Christine and Top Gear presenter Paddy, live in Cheshire with their three children, twins Leo and Penelope, eight, and five-year-old Felicity.

All three of their children have been diagnosed as autistic, and Christine admitted that she feels like she needs to "set an example" to them by pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Speaking in the exclusive video interview, Christine said: "I can't expect my children to start trying new foods and go to busy play centres if mummy just stays in all the time."

She added, "It's actually my children that's pushed me out of my comfort zone."

"Now I really do believe you can be a mum, you can be a wife, you can have a career, you can go to the gym and you can have a social life, if you juggle it all, it's exhausting but it's worth doing – I really feel like I'm finally living my life."

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