Coi Leray's Rolling Loud Crowd Leaves Her Hanging During Performance

Coi Leray had to deal with an age-old adage of show biz — and that would be, sometimes you gotta deal with a tough crowd … and, boy, did she deal at Rolling Loud.

The female rapper — who’s relatively new(ish) to the scene and definitely an up-and-comer — took the stage Sunday for the multi-day music fest in Miami, and let’s just say, her many spectators were … well, less than enthusiastic as she started getting into her set.

As soon as Coi started rapping … there were a lot of people toward the front of the stage who were just standing around and looking on — this while CL did her thing with gusto.

The deer-in-the-headlight stares apparently went on for quite some time … and the performance started trending, with jokes flying at Coi’s expense. Some people were making cracks about her, but the sleepy audience was also getting grilled … rightly so, frankly.

Who knows why the people weren’t as hyped as they perhaps could’ve been. Again, Coi isn’t as recognizable of a name just yet — but still … you’d think if that many people came to and/or stuck around for her performance, they’d at least show some love/basic signs of life.

No matter, though … because Coi, professional as she is, powered through the performance — and eventually found a way to jumpstart the RL zombies who were watching. She ended up jumping down to their level, and at that point, got some reactions and cheers.

In other words, she stuck to her guns and stayed the course … regardless of what was going on — or not, rather — around her, making sure to put on a good show for concert-goers.

Sounds like word of the memes and whatnot eventually made its way to Coi, because she seemed to have responded to the fact she was trending over this. There, too, she showed grace … and took the high road, showing off her thick skin and sense of humor.

Coi said she appreciates all the love she gets, and that the love actually outweighs any hate she may get. She also added this … “t’s about over 100 artist who performed on that lineup and all people wanna do is eat up my cack. Lol. Gotta love this shit fr I got good problems 😂🖤🤙🏼.”

That’s the spirit — keep on keeping on! Also, here’s another showbiz saying … any publicity is good publicity. That seems to apply here.

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