Colt Johnson: Eric Ghosted Me When I Didn’t Want to Be Friends!

As we saw on this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, neither Colt Johnson nor Larissa Lima had smooth sailing after their breakups.

But long before Debbie was sabotaging Colt’s romance with Jess, a bromance was brewing between Colt and Eric.

Larissa began dating Eric Nichols weeks after her final breakup with Colt Johnson, the two first meeting in February 2019.

She moved on quickly, but she still moved slower than Colt, who was already lining up side pieces weeks before they split.

But on September 11 (yes), 2019, Larissa abruptly broke things off with Eric over text … and he is the first to admit that he did not take it very well.

In fact, Eric showed up at Colt’s house not long after, posing for a photo op with Colt and Debbie.

Look, a lot of people take breakups poorly.

Showing up at your ex’s ex’s house to bond over mutual bitterness is a tall order.

Colt Johnson sat down with Us Weekly to speak about their short-lived bromance.

“I think he blocked me,” the 90 Day Fiance villain remarks.

Colt claims: “He really wanted to be my friend a lot.”

“He kept texting me every day,” Colt revealed.

“I was busy,” he shared, “and then he eventually blocked me and ghosted me.”

By that, Colt means to say that Eric simply remained out of contact without any closure, farewell, or further contact.

“I felt like we could kind of have this like friendship blooming,” Colt reflects.

“But,” he explains, “I wasn’t really interested.”

Colt characterizes Eric’s response by saying: “and he took that very personal.”

“If Larissa’s happy and Eric makes her happy?” Colt suggests. “That’s great.”

He claims: “I root the best for them, especially right now.”

Colt correctly predicts: “I’m sure they get a lot of haters. A lot of people trying to tear them apart”

“I remember that,” Colt acknowledges. “I was part of that.”

He continues: “So I just want the best for her at the end of the day.”

Some would suggest that, if Colt had wanted this kind of happiness for Larissa when they were married, things could have gone very differently.

On the show, we are seeing Larissa and Eric’s conflict as part of the fallout from Eric badmouthing Larissa after their breakup.

Though things look grim right now, we know that Larissa and Eric have dated for many months since this contentious row.

Hopefully, they have had fewer arguments sense then. Yes, they are both messy and love drama, but it gives me a headache just to think about it.

We are also seeing Colt and Jess fight after Debbie deliberately stirred the pot.

Jess has since moved on, accusing Colt of manipulaton and playing mind games. Viewers have all seen that he lied to her.

Colt then moved on with another woman … and then cheated on her with Vanessa, the same woman whom Jess suspected of desiring him.

We do not have to understand Larissa and Eric’s relationship in order to be happy for them.

For our part, we guess that Eric ghosting Colt had more to do with a sudden onset of remorse for his string of bad behavior after Larissa dumped him.

People mature and realize that they spoke out of anger and they come to regret their actions. Cutting ties with Colt was the right thing to do.

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