Creepy! Armie Hammer's Late Night Move Leaves Behind Tied Up Mannequin Torso In The Trash!

Well, as if women needed more red flags not to go anywhere near Armie Hammer

The Social Network star reportedly quietly moved his things out of the home he and ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers used to share over the weekend. And by quietly we mean “under the cover of night” if Page Six‘s sources are to be believed.

But what all those “trucks and a gaggle of movers… working well after midnight and lit only by flashlights” chose NOT to pack is more inneresting than the move itself.

In photos obtained by the outlet, the trash at the side of the road included a female mannequin (creepy), all tied up with rope (super creepy!). You can see the pics HERE! Armie’s BDSM proclivities have been widely reported since the leak of messages he allegedly sent out to numerous women while still married. Those kinks, however, were not the real story — not even the stuff about cannibalism and rape fantasies.

No, it was when women came forward accusing the 34-year-old of abuse, saying he used BDSM as a way of convincing women to let him physically and emotionally torture them. So on the one hand, we can’t say we’re surprised Armie would have something like this… but if it was in the home he shared with Elizabeth, how did she not know about any of this? Huh. Maybe he told her it was a quirky art piece?

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