DaBaby Fires Warning Shot to Hecklers After Fan Beatdown in Mall

DaBaby has a message for folks who want to keep testing him — STOP … or you will get your ass kicked. He ain’t lying … two dudes in two weekends kinda proves his point.

The NC rapper posted a video Sunday after what appeared to be another vicious beating he was involved in — either directly or indirectly — down in Charlotte the day before. It sounds like a warning shot of sorts to would-be future hecklers who wanna harass him. 

People should take note … DaBaby isn’t afraid to engage, whether cops are called or not.

On Saturday, an edited clip made its way around the Internet in which a guy spots DaBaby inside a Louis Vuitton store at SouthPark mall … with him proceeding to heckle the rapper from afar. The video then cuts to DaBaby’s POV, with him inching closer and closer to the fan. 

Eventually, a brawl erupts on camera. It appears three people are involved in the scuffle … but as the edited video cuts to the next shot, you see the heckler on the ground bleeding from his nose and his pants around his ankles. DaBaby takes credit for the beating.

It’s unclear if DaBaby actually handled the dude himself — we doubt it, he’s got a security team after all — but it doesn’t really matter. Point is, DaBaby and co. WILL attack. 

Remember last weekend — a guy was beaten to a pulp after insisting on a pic with DaBaby … which led to his security team stepping in and pounding the dude’s face in … leaving him in a coma afterward and on the verge of death, according to his ma.

We’ve reached out to local authorities to see if a police report was taken for this latest incident … so far, no word back. 

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