Dave Chappelle Tackled Onstage During Hollywood Bowl Performance

Dave Chappelle was attacked Tuesday night in Los Angeles by a man who rushed the stage and tackled the comedian during an event at the Hollywood Bowl. According to Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC, the suspect, who was apprehended by law enforcement officials at the scene, was armed with both a gun and a knife.

The contentious comedian was performing at the historic Los Angeles venue as a part of Netflix Is A Joke Fest, a city-wide comedy festival sponsored by the streaming giant. Although Chappelle was not injured during the incident, video posted to social media immediately after the attack showed a group of individuals gathered on the Hollywood Bowl stage attempting to restrain — and possibly kicking — the suspect. Another video making the rounds on Twitter purportedly showed the suspect being loaded into an ambulance, his right arm visibly dislocated.

During the initial chaos following the attack, Chappelle stood offstage to gather his composure. “It was a trans man,” he said jokingly of the attacker, referencing his controversial comments about transgender individuals in his Netflix stand-up special, The Closer.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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