Denise Welch hits out at Piers Morgan as he ‘kept quiet’ over Covid diagnosis ’Funny that’

GB News: Denise Welch discusses Covid ‘fear-mongering’

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Denise Welch, 63, has hit out at Piers Morgan, 55, after he revealed today that he had spent 10 days in isolation battling coronavirus. The former Good Morning Britain host divulged he had contracted Covid while attending the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Arena on July 11.

Never mentioned it once!

Denise Welch

On her Instagram, Denise, who has fiercely hit out at the government over coronavirus restrictions during the pandemic, shared a screenshot of a news article written about Piers’ admission.

The Loose Women panellist typed: “Funny that he says he’s the been the most ill he’s ever been in his life but has tweeted every day since Wembley and never mentioned it once!!!

“Just unlike Piers to remain quiet about something like that’s all #justsaying.”

In response, fans shared their opinions on double-vaccinated Piers’ revelation.

One said: “The most ill he has even been even after being double jabbed? I thought the symptoms are meant to be mild… I wonder how many more people he infected with the useless jab?”

A second replied: “Love you Denise. Caption spot on!”

While a third commented: “How do people know where they caught it?”

While a fourth remarked: “I hope he has a speedy recovery as nobody deserves to suffer with this horrid virus.”

The 56-year-old believes he caught the Delta variant after heading to Wembley two weeks ago for the Euro 2020 final, which saw Italy take home the prestigious trophy.

Over the past year, Piers has been perhaps one of the government’s most outspoken critics and policies.

The journalist frequently attacked the government who refused to be questioned on Good Morning Britain during the height of the pandemic.

Now, despite being double vaccinated, Piers has revealed the true extent of his symptoms.

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In order to attend the match, football fans had to provide proof they were either double vaccinated or produce a negative test result.

However, Piers claims he started to feel unwell just two days after the match, while at his home in Sussex.

After taking a lateral flow test that displayed a positive result, he later took a PCR test, confirming he was in fact positive, four days after the match.

Writing in his Mail On Sunday column, Piers penned: “As I’m sure everyone who gets it feels, it’s a strange, disquieting moment to know I have this killer virus inside me.”

The broadcaster, who was jabbed with the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccination, claims a respiratory expert informed him no vaccine fully protects an individual from the latest variants.

Piers’ symptoms included a fever, cold sweats, coughing, sneezing, “strange aches” and “alarming” chest pains.

He went on to write: “And my voice now sounds like Barry White, though I couldn’t feel less like a Walrus of Love.

“This is definitely the roughest I’ve felt from any illness in my adult life, BUT, as I slowly come out the other side, coughing and spluttering. I’m still here – unlike so many millions around the world who’ve lost their lives to Covid in this pandemic.”

Previously Denise and Piers had clashed on social media, after the latter labelled the Loose Women star a “Covid denier”.

He tweeted: “Her idiotic, ill-informed ramblings – from a woman who never stops telling us that she suffers from mental illness – will cost lives by persuading people to think the virus isn’t a threat.”

The Loose Women star fired back: “Please ask Mr Morgan to show me one tweet, one interview where I have denied Covid?

“He doesn’t want to be telling complete and utter lies with such a huge following. Seriously.”

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