Drake Unraveled to Have Paid Accuser $350,000 in Rape Case Settlement

Laquana Morris, who resolved her legal feud with the ‘One Dance’ hitmaker in November 2018, has breached their agreement by filing a new complaint against her attorney Alexander Cabereiras.

AceShowbizDrake paid rape accuser Laquana Morris $350,000 (£275,720) to settle their case, it has been revealed.

The Canadian rapper and Morris, aka Layla Lace, resolved their legal feud in November (18), after she claimed in an Instagram post in April 2017 she had fallen pregnant after Drake allegedly raped her during a one-night stand in February that year following his concert in Manchester, England.

Details of the settlement were kept under wraps at the time, but due to a new complaint filed by Morris against her New York attorney Alexander Cabereiras with the New York Attorney Grievance Committee, the particulars have now been revealed and published on U.S. website The Blast.

In her complaint, Morris revealed details of the night in question, claiming Drake “forced me to perform oral on him”, and that it was more “fetish” than a normal sexual encounter.

She went on to state her grievances against Cabereiras, including claims he worked alongside Drake’s attorney against her best interests. Morris is also unhappy that the settlement with Drake also included releasing a statement on his part, which she claims portrayed the “God’s Plan” star as the victim in the situation.

The statement is believed to have been given by Drake’s attorney Larry Stein to TMZ, which read: “The filing, made by Drake against Layla Lace, has been resolved, with Layla avoiding going to trial by agreeing to a stipulated judgement which prohibits her from repeating past statements she made against Drake.”

“Drake and his team are satisfied with this outcome and while Drake appreciates the support he has received, he asks that his fans and the media allow both parties to move on with their lives.”

Following Morris’ latest filing, sources close to Drake told The Blast that by revealing details of the settlement, thereby repeating her allegations of sexual assault, she is now in breach of the agreement.

As such, she may be required to return the initial payment of $125,000 (£98,480), as well as face other claims for significant damages from the musician.

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