Drake’s New Slick Back Look Divides Fans

After the ‘What’s Next’ hitmaker debuts his new hairstyle on Instagram, some fans are raving over it, while others are mocking the Canadian superstar for sporting longer curls.

AceShowbizDrake has undergone a makeover and it doesn’t go unnoticed by his fans. The Canadian superstar has sent the Internet into frenzy after he debuted his new hairstyle on Thursday, August 25 via Instagram.

Giving his over 120 million followers a look at his transformation, Drizzy posted pictures of him having fun with his friends while he rocked the slick back hairstyle. The “In My Feelings” hitmaker appears to have grown his curly hair for his current look.

Drake captioned the images, “Other than myself…everything has changed.” His fans couldn’t help commenting on his new hairstyle, with one loyal supporter writing, “U look better than ever papi.”

Another positively reacted, “N***as curls are immaculate.” A third raved over the Toronto native, “DRAKE really can NEVER do no WRONG in my eyes that’s my guy,” as another added, “I kinda like it do you Papi.”

Some others, however, disagreed, with one saying, “That hair is atrocious! That was payback your way back lacefront comment.” Another was in disbelief as demanding to know, “Whhhyyyy Drake.” Another critic said, “Issa no for me.”

Another hopes that Drake’s new hair isn’t a permanent one as saying, “This better be for a video lol he play all day,” while one other user enthused, “He wearing that eco styler gel OUT!” Someone mocked the 35-year-old musician, “It’s giving lunch lady. Like he left his hair net on too long,” as another claimed, “LMAO! This is what n***as used to do back in the day to make it look like they had ‘good hair.’ ” Another admitted, “I am cracking tf up this me on my wash day!”

Drake has also drawn comparisons to other stars, namely Billy Dee Williams and Lionel Richie, with his new look. “What in the Billy Dee Williams is going on here?? Lol,” one fan reacted to his new hairstyle. Another commented, “What in the A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK,” as another said, “More and more like his daddy”

Drake has even asked his fans to pick a name for his alter ego. “Give this guy a name…,” he wrote along with photos of him playing roulette. Quavo joked, “RAZOR AUBREY RAMONE aka SCOTT HALL,” while rapper Riff Raff chimed in, “You about 3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet I see what you doin.” Some others suggested names like “Champagne Escobar,” “RiCo Rackeroni” and “Lionel Drizzy!”

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