Duchess Meghan will probably guest edit & do a photoshoot for British Vogue

Well, it’s in the air now – multiple outlets claim that the Duchess of Sussex is for-sure going to do something for the September issue of British Vogue. Meghan famously covered Vanity Fair just before her engagement to Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge famously covered British Vogue several years ago, in the June 2016 issue, as a way to promote the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibit at the time (Kate is the patron of the National Portrait Gallery). So what’s the deal with this Meghan rumor? The Sun was the first outlet to report this:

Meghan will star in a photoshoot and write on causes close to her heart in September’s edition of Vogue magazine. But the Duchess does not want to feature on the cover. And baby Archie and Harry will not be in the pictures, due to be shot at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor. British Vogue editor Edward Enninful arranged the article directly with Meghan — pipping US Vogue editor Anna Wintour to the scoop.

A magazine source said: “Meghan is going to write a piece on causes such as female empowerment and women’s education. Edward has been courting her since day one. Anna is massively miffed that she’s missed out. This is nothing to do with Archie, or family, or home life. It’s purely on women’s empowerment.”

Meghan also starred in Vogue’s recently-released 25 Most Influential Women in the UK.

[From The Sun]

Us Weekly had a similar exclusive, with their source saying that Meghan will “guest edit” British Vogue for the September issue and she “will preside over what is considered to be the monthly magazine’s most important edition of the year: the fall fashion issue.” Their source said that “Meghan will be writing an opinion piece of her own as well as bringing a selection of female change-makers on board to write their own personal essays.” Not just that, but she will definitely do a photoshoot at Frogmore Cottage for the publication, which is what The Sun says too.

So, what do you think? I think it’s probably for real. I doubt Anna Wintour feels like she got scooped though – Wintour and Enniful were probably both talking to Meghan about an exclusive, and Meghan chose British Vogue because duh, she’s a British princess now and the British press would have had a sh-t fit if she did an American Vogue cover. I think it’s a little bit funny that Meghan would be like “no, no cover for me!” People are going to attack her no matter what, it might as well be for a lovely cover. I wonder if Meghan will get to choose the cover subject? Or maybe they’ll just give Kate Moss her millionth British Vogue cover, just for the hell of it.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t particularly new ground for a duchess: as I said, Kate has already done a British Vogue cover, AND Kate has done some “guest editing” too – remember that time she “guest edited” The Huffington Post for a day and what she really did was pose for photos for an hour and then she went shopping?

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