Fabolous’ Sister Goes Off on Him and GF Emily B, Rules Out Reconciliation

In an Instagram rant, Vonja is threatening her rapper brother as saying, ‘Keep f***ing with me I will sting you like a mf stranger,’ before saying that they are ‘beyond reconciliation.’

AceShowbiz -There is tension brewing between Fabolous and his sister Vonja, and it looks like the latter has no plan to ever making amends with her brother. This could be proven through an Instagram post she shared on Thursday, November 7.

Taking to the photo-sharing site, Vonja made it clear that the siblings “are done in reality and I won’t front for the gram or any other app.” She then added, “F**k you! John. Go ban all the rest of the people that post up about you, you won’t be able to stop the blogs IDIOT. Keep f***ing with me I will sting you like a mf stranger.”

While it’s unclear what sparked Vonja to go off on Fabolous, she hinted that it had something to do with the way he treated his own family. She also said that she isn’t interested in the slightest bit to reconcile with the rapper as saying, “We are beyond reconciliation motherf***er. Stop watching me, I give zero f**ks about you and Emily and your kiss a** policies!” She continued saying, “All you fake family members kiss my a** , where was you at when his a** needed you? Foh.”

But Vonja didn’t stop taking a jab just like that. In another post, she shaded Fabolous’ girlfriend, Emily B, hard and described her as a doormat. “Some of y’all playing house with a person who won’t even consider you their spouse. Leaving them to have options and you’re committed to an option. Do Q and A today!” she said. “Enjoy being single. Don’t cross boundaries. God is the only authority in your life as far as control. As far as the bag chasers.”

Vonja went on saying, “How you’re treated comes with the territory. Good or bad that’s what it is when you chasing a bag, you become an item, property, less of person, more of a thing. Don’t be just a single thing. Be a good catch, that’s a good thang.” Accompanying the post was a picture of a quote that read, “All these relationship problems & AINT NOBODY married. Y’all do know its FREE to leave right.”

Even though Vonja didn’t name names in the post, it’s pretty clear that she was referring to Emily. After all, she and Fabolous have been dating for a long time and even share two children together.

Both Fabolous and Emily have yet to respond to his sister.

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