Farrah Abraham is Now Terrorizing Wait Staff With Her Boobs

Just last week, Farrah Abraham filmed herself harassing the wait staff at a British restaurant.

That tantrum was about not getting a candle in her (premature) birthday cake, or being serenaded by the waiters.

Now, Farrah is once again clashing with waiters, this time being asked politely to wear a shirt to lunch in order to keep her nipples concealed.

This time, Farrah is still complaining … but also choosing to take it as a compliment.

Once again, Farrah Abraham herself is the one uploading her most embarrassing videos.

This time, she’s seated at a table with Sophia, her 13-year-old daughter.

The two are enjoying pink pancakes (at least, they’re supposedly pink … the whole thing is through a pink filter) while dining outdoors.

Farrah is wearing a white crop top over her bikini, which is blue.

“I was told to put on a top,” she complained to the camera.

Farrah pointed out: “I have a top on.”

“Basically,” Farrah insisted, “it looks like I’m wearing a bikini.”

She accused the restaurant of being “really rude” by asking her to abide by its dress code.

“I get asked to put on a top,” Farrah complained, “but not one else at my party” did.

Well, her 13-year-old daughter seemed to be dressed a little differently, fortunately, so there was no similar request made of Sophia.

However, Farrah decided to reframe this as being “blessed” in terms of her bust.

“That just means I have enough boobs that actually bother people,” Farrah decided to believe.

There is, of course, a lot to be said about the absurd ways in which human bodies, and especially women’s bodies, are policed in our culture.

It is a curious thing when half of the population is supposed to keep their chests covered at all times.

Even wearing “unsufficient” covering over breasts can get people called out, shamed, and worse.

We’re sure that, in Farrah’s mind, this was yet another sexist “hate crime” against her.

Sexism is appalling and insidious. But … is that actually what’s happening here?

Because this isn’t about Farrah hanging out at the beach (though she did recently suffer some nip slips while doing so). This is about her dining at a restaurant.

So much in our society is extremely sexist, but “no shirt, no shoes, no service” is as gender-neutral as it gets.

Given how little fabric Farrah was apparently wearing before she donned the crop top, it’s likely that a man might get the same request.

Sexism is always unreasonable. A restaurant politely enforcing a unisex dress code is perfectly legal, and usually just fine.

This nuance may or may not be lost on Farrah, as so many things are. She has a troubled history.

No one reasonably begrudges her for having breasts, or even for augmenting them … even if not everyone needed every detail of her every procedure.

But Farrah’s tendency to embarrass herself pales beside her habit of verbally accosting service workers who are only doing their jobs and are baffled by her behavior.

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