Flowbees Completely Sold Out After George Clooney Shout-Out

Ever since George Clooney revealed he cuts his own hair with a DIY device famous for its old infomercials, people have been going with the Flowbee … so much that they’re now out of stock!!!

Troy Hunts, Vice President of Flowbee, tells TMZ … the actor’s public shout-out in support of the product last week resulted in sales going up tenfold, and its website was so overloaded a lot of customers weren’t able to complete their orders.

Hunts says Flowbee had already seen a boost in 2020 compared to recent years due to the coronavirus — with barbershops and hair salons closed — but that uptick was nothing compared to what he’s calling “the Clooney effect.”

The Flowbee VP tells us they’ve completely sold out and it will be at least 2-4 weeks before they can get supply back up to meet demand.

As for the Clooney boom … Hunts says it was a huge surprise, because the company hasn’t worked with him before and didn’t even know he was a customer.

Of course, Hunts is thrilled Clooney is a satisfied customer … and loves that he speaks the truth about the product. As we reported … George even gave a tutorial on ‘Kimmel!’

Hunts says the company plans on sending Clooney a thank you package that will likely include some freebie Flowbees. He also hopes the style icon’s support continues to encourage folks to save time, money and maybe even a life during the pandemic with its at-home haircutting system.

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