Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Claps Back After His ‘Ugly’ Rant: ‘We All Are Beautiful’

Eliza stresses the importance that women ‘must stick together and stand against abuse of any kind,’ after the rapper appears to shade her as tweeting, ‘Dnt get high and treat a ugly girl pretty…HUGE MISTAKE.’

AceShowbizFuture‘s has brought his fight with his baby mama Eliza Reign over the paternity of her child to social media. Now, following his latest Twitter rant in which he seemed to call his ex “ugly,” Eliza has fired back at the Atlanta rapper and accused him of “abuse.”

“In all seriousness, as women, we must stick together and stand against abuse of any kind,” Eliza posted on her Instagram Stories, adding, “I’m not perfect. I’m a work in progress. We all are. But we all are beautiful, even when we fall short of other people’s expectations. Beauty shown the best from the inside. Don’t let no one, man or woman, make you feel less or that you don’t deserve everything you have and pray for.”

Addressing her legal battle with Future, she continued her lengthy message, “War is not cute. I don’t wanna wake up to filings and lawsuits daily. Especially over an innocent child. I miss the peace I once had. But I also have to do what I have to do to defend myself and my children. In America. We need to get over this culture of us women accepting abuse in silence. Because you are a woman or have less fame, power and money, you should shut up. We are strong than we know.”

Eliza posted the message seemingly in response to Future’s shade towards her througb his Twitter account. On Thursday, May 21, the “Turn On the Lights” hitmaker appeared to diss her appearance and accuse her of lying.

“Ugly girls b in imaginary relationship,” he tweeted, before adding, “Dnt get high and treat a ugly girl pretty..HUGE MISTAKE.” He went on sending cryptic message as writing, “Leave them ugly girls alone…” and “People make lies up to make they self feel good.”

DNA test reportedly has confirmed that Future is the father of Eliza’s one-year-old daughter. She recently slapped him with a countersuit, accusing him of libel for allegedly spreading lies about her after she became pregnant. He previously sued her for defamation and invasion of privacy after she discussed their sex life in the press.

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