Halle Berry Unapologetically Shuts Down an Instagram Troll

Halle Berry’s Instagram may exude elite, unbothered energy, but that doesn’t mean the actress won’t hesitate to shut down social media trolls.

On Saturday, Berry shared an affectionate photo on Instagram capturing her in an intimate moment with her boyfriend, musician Van Hunt. In the photo, Berry wears a midriff-baring white graphic T-shirt with tropical-patterned bathing suit bottoms, capping off the look with a pair of heart-framed sunglasses that seem to embody the unapologetic PDA spirit of her post. “We do this thing called whatever the f*ck we want ! 💋,” she wrote in the caption.

Observing their romantic display of happiness, many responding followers successfully passed the vibe check, with comments such as, “Exactly!!! 🔥 keep at it” (@ustheduo), “As you should” (@letoyaluckett), and “You guys are freakin hot” (@thandiwenewton).

Others, however, fell short of the passing grade. “I think you love him more than he loves you!” wrote one user, who took it upon themselves to share an unsolicited, unsuccessful attempt at thin-slicing the couple’s publicly shared moment. Responding to the negative comment, Berry wrote, “Ummmm don’t think so…not this time ❤️.”

The couple have been reportedly dating since September and have indeed been very happy together. Hunt disclosed to Entertainment Tonight back in March that Berry has been playing a major inspiring role in his music—”In more ways than I can even tell you right now,” he revealed.

Berry hasn’t been any less graceful in addressing other comments. Back in February, she posted a graphic of the timeless quote, “Women don’t owe you shit,” which evidently triggered certain followers. “Says the women who can’t keep a man,” one user commented, to which Berry nonchalantly clapped back, “Who says I wanna keep the wrong man? cuz…. I don’t ❤️🙏🏽.”

In the wise words of Berry herself, the key to self-confidence is simply to “not give a fuck.” And she’s sure to live out this mantra in the face of Instagram trolls.

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