Halsey Reveals She Was ‘Committed’ Twice’ For Her Bipolar Disorder Since Becoming Famous

In the five years since Halsey became famous, she was ‘committed twice’ to deal with her bipolar disorder, without the public ever knowing. Now, she’s made the conscious decision to share the news with her fans.

Halsey, 24, has opened up about her bipolar disorder in a candid new interview with the new issue of Rolling Stone. “I’ve been committed twice since [I became] Halsey, and no one’s known about it. But I’m not ashamed of talking about it now. It’s been my choice. I’ve said [to my manager], ‘Hey, I’m not going to do anything bad right now, but I’m getting to the point where I’m scared I might, so I need to go figure this out.’ It’s still happening in my body. I just know when to get in front of it.”

In the interview, Halsey also revealed she’s currently focusing on her career and has given up drugs and alcohol. “I support my whole family,” she explained. “I have multiple houses, I pay taxes, I run a business. I just can’t be out getting f***ed up all the time.” She also revealed that she has so many people who work for her who have children, and she would never want to put them in a position where she was hurting them and their families by hurting herself, which also influenced her decision to stay sober. She also added that being famous “makes [her] accountable” to stay sober because her success affects so many people.

Halsey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on over-the-counter painkillers when she was just 17. At that time, she spent more than two weeks in a psychiatric facility. She has not been shy about sharing stories about the difficulties she went through during her childhood and teen years.

Now, Halsey is working on her third album, and told Rolling Stone that it’s the first record she’s ever written “manic.” She explained that the album has samplings of “hip-hop, rock country…f***ing everything because it’s so manic. It’s sooooo manic. It’s literally just, like, whatever the f*** I felt like making; there was no reason I couldn’t make it.” There is no release date for the record at this time.

CORRECTION (June 24 6:20pm ET): In our original copy, HollywoodLife mistakenly claimed that Halsey admitted to entering rehab. We later realized that wasn’t the case and have since rectified our copy.

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