Harry Potter 'Hogwarts Express' View Ruined By Commuter Train

Harry Potter fans in Scotland waited at a train station for hours just to catch a glimpse of the rare “Hogwarts Express” … and when it came by, another train blocked the view!!!

The hilarious moment was captured on video … and you see the “Hogwarts Express” for a split second before a passing ScotRail train completely steals the show.

The famous train from the Harry Potter books and movies was traveling south through Scotland en route to its winter base, with tons of families camping out at train stations across the country for the rare sighting.

This unlucky lot, though, waited in vain at Drumry station. Talk about the wrong side of the tracks!

Too bad no one knew any magic spells to make the commuter train disappear. Oh well, there’s always next year, kids!

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