Holland Taylor Explains Why She & Sarah Paulson Went Public With Their Relationship

Holland Taylor is opening up about her relationship with Sarah Paulson!

During a new interview with The Advocate, the 77-year-old Hollywood actress explained why she and the 45-year-old American Horror Story actress went public with their relationship.

“The relationship with Sarah became so public because she’s an enormous star and I was somewhat well-known,” Holland shared. “It became a news event and so I wasn’t going to deny it. Do you see what I’m saying? Other relationships that I had have not been with famous people. No other relationship I had would become a news event in that sense. When once that happened, there was no way not to just speak about it.”

Holland and Sarah have been together since 2015. Later in her interview, Holland discussed why she doesn’t like defining her sexuality.

“Well, if you said, ‘What is your sexuality?’ I’d say I’m gay,” Holland explained. “I really don’t like the definitions. I just feel like I’m a person. It’s not the major defining thing of my life. It’s not defining. I’m a human being. That’s defining.”

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