How to Embrace the Opportunity of Entrepreneurship

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Whether you represent a student, blue- or white-collar worker, parent or someone hoping to find themselves regardless of age, it’s merely a shift in mindset that you can commit to today that can change your life forever.

Today, I sit as a founder, CEO, COO, vice president, manager, publicist, music distributor and now a best-selling author. From my perspective, I do know one thing: I couldn’t have reached these heights if I had relied on just my degree.

Below are a few insights on how to change your professional path of unfulfilled efforts to one that you can finally be proud of.

Gain an understanding of who you are as an individual.

Start pursuing entrepreneurship opportunities that extend beyond the classroom or job to more hands-on experiences that will help you connect with yourself both personally and professionally. This can involve attending an in-person seminar, workshop or a professional outdoors retreat with any necessary precautions. Start researching online to see what’s out there that may interest you. This can help build courage as well as prepare your mindset for doubt that you will eventually face in the world of uncertainty.

Once you begin learning the true path of your passion and purpose through experience, when failure approaches, you can lean on your peers and mentors for support. These new relationships that you build outside the classroom or work can help you uncover the path that works alongside your goals and commitments more clearly.

There’s always room for growth.

In the space of entrepreneurship, ideas are thought out, expressed and practiced. Within these test phases, the hands-on approach helps individuals grow in confidence, resilience and suppleness, all of which are vital to success. If there is something or someone that keeps calling you outside of school and work, it’s best not to ignore it, but instead, explore it.

Make some extra time to commit to a new online seminar you’ve been eager to attend but keep putting off. Start writing the business plan of the idea that has been constantly appearing in your head for all these years that everyone keeps suggesting you avoid simply because it’s not “realistic” or won’t keep food on the table. While I am not encouraging you to do anything that would put you or your family in harm’s way, if that passion is eating you up inside, perhaps it’s time you address it, but cautiously. Incremental progress is always better than none.

Building relationships is key.

Entrepreneurship is not for those looking for a safe haven. If you’re in search of a “cautious” way to pay the bills, then this is not the route you should take. For those interested in generating several streams of income and limitless opportunities to earn and grow, you must learn the power of networking. The earlier you can engage in activities outside the classroom and work, the more established you can become in pursuing your career and dreams. This can be volunteering or working at your local community events or joining a nonprofit organization or an online club/group that encourages the consistent effort to make a difference within their communities. These relationships can become your future investors, mentors, volunteers, politicians, coaches and so on. Your network could eventually help determine your net worth.

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Expertise and proficiency build opportunity.

Individuals who indulge in a higher sense of understanding beyond the usual scope of business and education usually find it easier to communicate effectively with a team of people from various backgrounds and training. To do this, you must learn to think more strategically and many times methodically about decisions that make a difference in the real world. Entrepreneurs are exposed to the challenges of competition with their peers and investments, as well as endured mishaps or misfortunes and learned to work their way through them. Broaden your mindset and be willing to expand outside your comfort zone. Don’t limit your learning opportunities to the classroom or workplace.

Entrepreneurs encourage collaboration.

In my experience, those who have more entrepreneurial experience, many times, seem to have a more positive outlook on life. They are naturally open to change as they have witnessed the potential of commitment and determination and how it can help reach goals and change lives if practiced faithfully despite the challenges placed before them. They tend to place a high value on contributing to projects at hand by encouraging collaboration and inclusiveness. They are more apt at working together for the common good of the team succeeding as opposed to giving up when faced with an obstacle. This usually stems from the entrepreneurial mindset whose aim usually relies on offering value in customer service to a client or a positive outlook for their team members. These types of individuals find purpose and fulfillment in their client’s or team’s contentment as opposed to their own.

The Takeaway

As the times have shifted and technology has advanced, and passion and goals have shown themselves as limitless, so have the minds and opportunities of the workforce. What traditionally served as the status quo is being challenged by a group I like to call “students of life” who aim to lead great career paths of today. If we are here on this earth to live a purpose-driven life, should we not be allowed to explore further than the classroom and job?

The truth of the matter is, entrepreneurial experiences help prepare us for real-world obstacles. With enough support and willingness from the world during this transition, I do believe we can help elevate the quality of our workplaces, communities and ultimately the world.

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