Huw Edwards shares rare marriage insight with wife as BBC host admits – ‘She steps back’

Huw Edwards caught eating during BBC election coverage

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Huw Edwards has been vocal about dealing with bouts of depression and in a new interview, the 60-year-old BBC News presenter has told of how his family has accepted him unconditionally. The Welsh broadcaster also shared his daughter will ask him in “code” how he is feeling after he chose to be open with her about his 20 year battle with depression.

“[I’m] relatively open [with my family] – they just accept [my depression] as part of who I am,” Huw told Men’s Health.

“One of my girls will come to me and ask how I’m feeling,” he added.

“She’s got a code – she’ll say: ‘How are you upstairs today?’ and I think, for a 20-year-old, that’s a nice thing to be asked.”

He also described his wife Vicky Flind’s interaction with him throughout his health ordeal as “rewarding”, as he shared she knows when to “take a step back”.

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“Vicky’s incredibly easy-going, very sympathetic,” he continued to Men’s Health.

“She’s supportive when she needs to be, she steps back when she needs to.”

Huw also explained that his condition could cause bouts of anxiety and indecisiveness, making it tricky to remain level-headed.

“Your mind goes into a place where you don’t want to do anything. You can’t make any decisions,” he explained.

“Things that you usually enjoy, you dread.”

Huw also detailed how his work can impact his mental health and revealed sometimes “can’t get out of bed”.

“You come into work and obviously you do a professional job, but you’re kind of pushing your way through it,” he admitted.

There have been several occasions over the two decades that he has been a sufferer when he was forced to put work to one side altogether.

“During the worst [bout] I had, I couldn’t get out of bed.”

Thankfully, Huw has outlets for his frustrations, including boxing.

He has a pal, Clinton McKenzie, who was a former professional boxer and the pair meet up in the gym to let off steam.

Huw is one of the leading BBC presenters and his previous assignments have included attending and reporting on events including Prince

Wiliam’s wedding to Kate Middleton, and the Diamond Jubilee.

His wife Vicky, who is also a journalist, previously worked as the editor of BBC’s The Week politics show.

The pair have five grown-up children together – Dan, Amos, Hannah, Rebecca and Sammy.

It’s often his family that he feels able to turn to during his most difficult moments.

Huw Edwards was speaking to Men’s Health UK ‘Talking Heads’ columnist, Alastair Campbell, in the June issue of the magazine, out now.

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