If You've Just Been Dumped, "Doctor" Dax Shepard Has the Perfect Advice

Oh my God, Dax Shepard, are you sure you weren’t a couples therapist in a past life? The hilariously handsome actor took over for Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday where he brought back his “Ask Dr. Dax” segment and offered some questionably sound relationship advice to multiple women in the audience. Ahead of the premiere of season two of Bless This Mess, Dax, who stressed that he is by no means a doctor, tackled everything from breakups, to, uh, returning favors in the bedroom, and even how to avoid traumatizing your children if they hear you having sex.

He kicked things off with a question from a woman who was unfortunately dumped the day before. “Obviously step one is bang all of his or her friends,” Dax said jokingly. “Secondly, as a little personal mantra I have, I just say over and over again, ‘This is temporary.’ . . . You’re going to feel completely different, you just have to be patient and feel the feelings, they’re a gift.” He also reminded someone, “You gotta state your needs,” when expressing she wasn’t receiving as much as she was giving in the bedroom.

Dax and his wife Kristen Bell have one of the sweetest celebrity marriages, and I would absolutely pay to have them dictate my dating life à la Dr. Dax. Watch the hilarious video above.

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