Jean-Claude Van Damme Accidentally Helped Paris Jewelry Thief Get Away!

Jean-Claude Van Damme has stopped many a bad guy in his films, but IRL he accidentally helped one get away — simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time!

According to TMZ, the action star was inside an optometrist’s office in Paris earlier this week, where he naturally distracted many onlookers with his presence. Unfortunately, the sighting took place right as a grey-haired jewelry thief was making off with millions in jewels and gemstones he stole from the nearby high-end jewelry store, Chaumet!

Police say the suit-wearing suspect stole somewhere between $2.4 and $3.5 million worth of jewels and gemstones and took off with the “monumental haul” on an electric scooter.

While such a spectacle would have naturally caught the attention of the many folks walking nearby, authorities say all potential witnesses were too busy ogling the Street Fighter star — which allowed the thief to flee!

Thankfully, surveillance cameras were in place, and cops went on to arrest two suspects in connection with the robbery. The outlet reports a substantial part of the stolen jewelry has also been recovered by law enforcement.

So the next time you see a celeb in the wild, do a quick panorama to make sure no crimes are taking place as well!

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