Jeremy Clarkson sparks frenzy as he reunites with Amazon after success of Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson promotes his Hawkstone Lager

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has taken to Twitter to announce a new business venture in collaboration with Amazon. The Clarkson’s Farm host has reached out to his followers to share the news. 

I thought you’d only be able to buy my lager from my own farm shop.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy posted a short clip in full view of his seven and a half million followers, explaining the product. 

He revealed that the product is a selection of lager. 

The beer is called Hawkstone Lager as Jeremy reveals all in his post. 

He said: “Good news. I thought you’d only be able to buy my lager from my own farm shop. 

“But it turns out, you’ll also be able to buy it from Jeff’s website. Cheers!”

Fans were quick to post jibes and jokes at the former Top Gear presenter’s expense. 

@IIIIVetiverIIII wrote: “Has it got s*** in it?”

@MichaelLoda wrote: “James has made gin, Jeremy made beer… What about you @RichardHammond”

Others expressed hesitation after seeing the cost. 

@Markakajoe wrote: “£35? As my mum would say that’s quite dear!”

@JonnoNorwich said: “£35 for 12 bottles? you’d have to be drunk to order that to begin with!”

At the same time, Jeremy has also been busy filming the next season of Clarkson’s Farm. 

He has recently joked about his professional relationship with co-star Kaleb Cooper. 

He told Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 that he Kaleb often “shouts” at him during filming. 

Zoe and Jeremy spoke about the new season of his show.

They talked about how his interest in farming began and conceptions for the show.

When asked if he was grasping the new lifestyle, Jeremy responded with his own definition of farming.

He said: “Farming is working 400 hours a month for very little pay to produce food for people who think you’re trying to kill them.

“Bloody hell, is it hard work. and the money is terrible but I love it.

“There’s something about stomping around, watching the cows…”.

He continued, recounting how he enjoys waking up early to enjoy the peacefulness of mornings on the farm. 

Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is currently in production. 

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