Jim Edmonds Accused of Cheating on Real Housewives Star, Pleasuring Self in Video to Mistress

Jim Edmonds is one of the best defenders Major League Baseball history, having been responsible for two of the greatest catches you’ll ever see.

But now the former centerfielder is getting defensive in a very different way.

He’s denying a report that he carried on an affair while his famous wife was pregnant with twins.

According to All About the Tea, Edmonds got involved with a woman named Jenn (aka “the baseball madame”) back when he was playing baseball for the Cincinnati Reds.

This same article alleges that Edmonds cheated on his second wife at that time.

This affair ended years ago — but it was then rekindled in March of 2018, per a “rock solid source,” who claims Jim got it on with Jenn once again last year…

… when Meghan was expecting twins Hart and Hayes.

Moreover, All About the Tea writes that Jim was the one to reach back out to Jenn in order to see if she was down for some more extramarital sex.

“Jim sent Jenn a DM on Instagram in March She had not heard from him in years. Their friendship sparked again and they started communicating on a regular basis,” an insider says, adding:

“Their communications quickly turned from friendly to dirty texting.”

Just how dirty did these texts get?

The source alleges that Jim is a “freak” who would often send “d-ck pics and sexual videos exposing himself” to Jenn.

The two would reportedly meet in hotels rooms last year when Edmonds was on the road during his broadcasting job. And they would have intercourse.

Incredibly, this report claims that the affair continued right up to the day that Jim’s two latest kids entered the world.

“Jim sent Jenn a video of himself masturbating in his basement while his wife was laid up in the hospital,” the insider actually says. “She had just given birth that day.”

AllAboutTheTEA.com even says it’s in possession of the video of the father of seven engaged in the act of pleasuring himself, which is just, like… what the actual f-ck, right?!?

In response to the very scathing allegation, Edmonds admits that he had some sort of relationship with a woman from the past that was inappropriate.

But he denies actually having sex with her.

“Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment. I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person,” he now tells Us Weekly, adding:

“At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past.”

Edmonds, who has appeared opposite his wife on The Real Housewives of Orange County does still say he’s very sorry for his actions.

“Clearly, I made a very poor decision to expose myself and my family to this type of person.

“For this, I am truly sorry and sought forgiveness from my wife.

“I’m outraged over the intent to ruin my family and intend to take legal action. We were never having any problems in our marriage.

“My attorney is in possession of documents wherein this person has admitted fabricating large portions of her ‘story.’”

Jim and Meghan got married on October 24, 2014. The couple have three kids together: one-year-old twins, Hart and Hayes; and two year-old daughter, Aspen.

The pair  joined The Real Housewives of Orange County in season 10, which aired in 2015.

They departed the series after season 12 in 2017.

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