Joe Budden Accuses Logic of ‘Reverse Bullying’ Following Depression Comments

The tense between Joe and Logic starts after the former mocked the latter for announcing retirement earlier this year to focus on his little family after welcoming his son.

AceShowbizLogic and Joe Budden have been involved in a back-and-forth. The Maryland rapper previously said that the podcast host’s hurtful comments about him made him suicidal. Now, Joe has responded to Logic’s claims. Instead of being sympathetic to the “No Pressure” hitmaker, Joe further slammed Logic.

He addressed the matter on his Twitter account on Saturday, August 1. “Logic is reverse bullying me lol,” so he said. He also responded to a fan who joked at Logic’s expense. ” ‘Joe Budden made me wanna kill myself!!’ He did that for everyone that listened to his music bro you’re not special smh,” the fan tweeted, to which Joe replied, “Lmao can you chill out man.”

He then claimed that Joe is “a person who’s led to part of my depression, some of my darkest spaces.” He continued saying, “Your words, they make people want to kill themselves bro.”

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