Joe Exotic Launching Underwear Fashion Line With His Face on Crotch

Joe Exotic is launching an underwear collection from behind bars … and the ‘Tiger King’ has his mug plastered across the fly!!!

The boxer briefs are part of Joe’s “REVENGE” collection with streetwear brand Odaingerous … and this fashion drop is pretty damn bold.

As you can see, there are some fun options … one’s got Joe’s face on the crotch of some leopard print, another’s a bright orange tiger print and there’s also a mix of tiger print and baby blue, not to mention red tiger print. Pretty much what you would expect from Joe the fashionista.

Hawking outrageous underwear is kinda Joe’s thing … back in 2013, long before his Netflix fame, he started selling ‘Tiger King’ undies … but they didn’t have his face on them.

If Joe’s previous “REVENGE” capsules are an indication, these boxer briefs are gonna sell like hotcakes … remember, his soft launch in May sold out in a matter of hours and raked in over $20,000 in online sales.

Odaingerous says the boxer briefs are 100% cotton to keep “your unmentionables fashionably stylish and secure.”

Consider this a very hard launch, with a very significant date … the boxer briefs go on sale Sept. 7 — the 2-year anniversary of Joe’s arrest.

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