Kanye West’s Net Worth Reportedly Jumps To More Than $6 Billion

Hip-Hop star Kanye West‘s net worth has been valued at a whopping $6.6 billion.

According to a private document obtained by Bloomberg, Yeezy, the singer’s sneaker and apparel line with Adidas & Gap, has been valued at between $3.2 and $4.7 billion by the Swiss investment bank, UBS Group.

West signed a 10-year agreement with the clothing brand Gap in June of 2020 and the document reveals that the company expects its Yeezy line to break $150 million in sales in its first full year in 2022.

The document further details the numbers associated with his brand-deal with the sneakers company, Adidas, which accounts for $191 million earned in royalties.

The new information brought to light indicates truly spectacular growth for the singer, who claimed to be $53 million in debt in 2016 and attempted to convince Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeburg to invest $1 billion into his work.

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