Katie Price says she’s flogging her old knickers during ‘mucky mansion’ tour

Katie Price has revealed that she intends to sell her old knickers.

The former glamour model, 41, took to her YouTube channel with the video ' Katie Price – The Truth Behind My House' – she gave her fans a glimpse of her "mucky mansion."

While the house is currently a building site, Katie took a stroll in front of the camera to reveal her plans for the massive property.

What has fans talking though is her plan to sell her old underwear, sealed in a frame.

The garments are also accompanied by a photo of Katie, and a note from Katie herself.

Taking a wander through the house, she stumbles upon one of the frames.

She says: "I'm going to be selling these memorabilia, like my old underwear."

Katie then gestures to the different contents of the frame, saying: "Picture of me, and this was an example, like if his name was 'Mr George', 'To Mr George, wet dreams, Jordan."

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