Kelly Clarkson Is Wearing an Eye Patch on 'The Voice,' and She Just Explained What Happened

IDK if you knew this, but Kelly Clarkson looooves to accessorize. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, decked out face masks—you name it, Kelly has worn it. But as of like…yesterday, Kelly added a new one to her arsenal: a black eye patch.

Naturally, people started wondering why Kelly sported this patch during an episode of The Voice. Lucky for fans, Kelly provided a very clear answer.

“So obviously today you’re going to notice something different about me. I feel like I could be a really great super villain. Something got in my eye and it got a little infected, so I have to wear an eye patch,” Kelly said in an episode preview for The Voice. She elevated her look with red lipstick, gold hoops, and a black T-shirt to match.

Kelly shared the clip to her Twitter page and joked in the caption “Instead of Coach Kelly for the battle rounds… y’all get Captain Kelly.”

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