Kirsten Dunst: ‘I’ve never been recognized in my industry, I always feel like nobody’

Kirsten Dunst has been famous since she was a little girl. She went from child star in Interview with a Vampire to teen star in The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Bring It On to adult star in everything else. But does Kirsten get the respect she deserves? I’ve been pondering that for a while, honestly, especially following her great turn on Fargo a few years ago. That felt like a new chapter for Dunst – a chapter where she would do more television work and more character work. A chapter where – hopefully – she would be recognized as one of the best actresses of her generation. But she still doesn’t feel like she’s ever really been respected in Hollywood:

Kirsten Dunst has learned to take it all in stride when it comes to her career. During a recent interview with Sirius XM’s In-Depth With Larry Flick, Dunst, 37, revealed “I’ve never been recognized in my industry.”

“Well, remember when Marie Antoinette — y’all panned it? And now you all love it,” Dunst said of the 2006 film. “Remember Drop Dead Gorgeous? Panned. Now you all love it… It’s like interesting for me. I feel a lot of things I do people like later,” she revealed to Flick.

“I’ve never been nominated for anything. Maybe like, twice for a Golden Globe when I was little and one for Fargo. I always feel like nobody— I don’t know, maybe they just think I’m the girl from Bring It On,” she told Flick. In 1996, Dunst was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Claudia in Interview with a Vampire. The actress has also starred in memorable films like Hidden Figures, Virgin Suicides, Spider-Man and The Beguiled.

“I am so chill. Maybe I don’t play the game enough? But then I do, I mean, I do everything I’m supposed to. It’s not like I’m rude or like, not doing publicity or anything,” she continued. Dunst later shared, “I know that all you have is your work at the end of the day. And that’s all people really care about. I’m intelligent enough to know that and have perspective,” Dunst told Flick. However, she admitted, “It’d be nice to be recognized by your peers.”

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“I am so chill. Maybe I don’t play the game enough?” I could see that. She is rather chill, and for years (in her 20s, mostly), she seemed kind of anti-Hollywood, anti-establishment, and not really looking to do those kinds of awards-baity movies anyway. Plus, Kirsten is a great comedic actress and comedy actresses rarely get that kind of respect too. Incidentally, I’ve watched Marie Antoinette a few times over the past month and I understand why it got panned – Kirsten is fine in it, but lord, Sofia Coppola just wants to make movies about women and girls who just float around and do nothing.

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