Kit Harington & Sophie Turner’s Reunion At The 2019 Emmys Is So Emotional

The battle for the Iron Throne is long over on Game of Thrones, which wrapped its eighth and final season earlier this year. But fans of the HBO fantasy drama had something to look forward to when several nominated stars of the series reunited at the 2019 Emmy Awards. In particular, Kit Harington and Sophie Turner’s reunion at the 2019 Emmys is so sweet you might even be persuaded to watch that controversial series finale again.

Although an onstage reunion for Game of Thrones cast members later occurred during the Emmys ceremony, the sweet moment between onscreen siblings Harington and Turner played out before the award show even began. On Twitter, The Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg posted a video of the stars inside the auditorium and tightly embracing each other. After breaking the hug, Turner took Harington’s face in her hands and displayed an excited facial expression. The pack truly does survive, Thronies.

On the award-winning drama, Turner played Sansa Stark, the eventual Queen of the North whose climb to the top was regarded as one of the Season 8 highlights. Harington played Jon Snow, raised as a bastard at Winterfell alongside Sansa and her other siblings. His killing of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) led to the rest of his life spent at Castle Black on the Wall. Given that Jon and Sansa probably weren’t destined for cozy hangouts on a regular basis, fans loved seeing this unscripted moment of affection between Harington and Turner.

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