Lady Gaga Dognapping 911 Audio Released: Help Me, I’ve Been Shot!

This week, Lady Gaga was one of the victims of a horrible, violent crime.

Armed, dangerous criminals dognapped two of her dogs and shot her dog walker.

Now, we know new, grisly details of the crime scene.

And the 911 recording has been released.

This is a horrific crime including, first and foremost, the shooting of a man who fought heroically to protect his charges.

Ryan Fischer is now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery, but he was shot.

Meanwhile, two of Gaga’s dogs, Gustav and Koji, were victims of a dognapping.

We have included the 911 recording in this post.

It was made by a concerned citizen who was aware of the shooting after it took place.

But we now know a play-by-play of the actual assault and dognapping, thanks to TMZ.

TMZ got a look at security footage from the neighhorhood where this horrible crime took place.

The dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was seen walking with Lady Gaga’s dogs, Gustav, Koji, and Miss Asia.

This was around 9:40pm on Wednesday night, not an uncommon time of day for dogs to get a final walk before bed.

This was when a white, four-door sedan pulled up alongside Fischer and the three Frenchies.

“Give it up!” yelled one of two men who burst out of the vehicle and attacked Fischer.

“No! Help me!” Fischer screamed into the night, as he wrestled with the attackers who tried to wrangle the dogs from him.

Fischer heroically refused to let go of the dogs.

At this point, one of the two monsters produced a semiautomatic handgun.

The criminal then fired a single shot into Fischer, leaving him splayed out and bleeding on the sidewalk.

The criminals were then able to abduct Gustav and Koji, two of Lady Gaga’s beloved dogs.

Leaving Miss Asia behind — possibly because they knew that the struggle and gunshot would draw attention — they fled.

Fischer was injured but conscious, and began to call for help.

“Oh my God, help me!” he yelled out in the neighborhood. “Help me, I’ve been shot!”

“I’m bleeding out of my chest,” Fischer cried out.

At this point, locals from the neighborhood had emerged from their homes.

Multiple locals rushed to Fischer’s aid, and one could be heard calling 911.

“They stole two dogs,” Fischer, who must have been wondering if he would live, told those who responded.

“They’re Frenchies,” his description continued. “They’re Lady Gaga’s dogs.”

With first responders arriving, these neighbors handed Fischer over to paramedics, who rushed Fischer to a local hospital.

Though he had been shot in the chest, he was expected to recover.

On Friday afternoon, he was reported to be in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Miss Asia was also recovered and returned to Gaga unharmed. No arrests have been made in this heinous crime.

Gaga has offered a $500,000 reward for the safe return of Gustav and Koji, promising no questions asked.

This entire traumatic ordeal is the stuff of nightmares, and we will keep all of those involved in our thoughts.

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