Las Vegas Sex Worker Offering Discount VIP Package To Raiders Players, Staff This Season

A Las Vegas sex worker is down to ensure the Raiders are REALLY taken care of all football season … by offering her VIP services at discounted prices to all players and staff!!!

The potential real MVP is 5’9″ blonde Ariel Ganja, who works at the famous Chicken Ranch brothel … and she tells TMZ Sports she’s offering a 50% off special to the org. for her sexual services this 2022-23 season as a “thank you” for bringing excitement to LV.

“I’m offering my VIP package to Raiders players and staff because the team has brought so much positivity and joy to the Vegas area and have helped boost my business at the brothel, thanks to the throngs of fans that visit Sin City to see the Raiders play,” Ganja says.

The exclusive bundle also includes a free limo ride to the Chicken Ranch … as well as a personal entrance to a private bungalow, so those who redeem the deal can come and go in secrecy.

Ganja tells us she hopes this turns into a business deal with the team and makes her the “Official Sex Worker to the Las Vegas Raiders.”

“The Las Vegas Raiders have an official gaming partner and an official beer and wine partner,” Ganja said. “Why not have an official sex work partner?”

“I hope to treat my Raiders VIPs so well that they’ll be compelled to make me the team’s ‘Official Sex Worker.'”

Don’t hold your breath on that one, Ariel … but ya gotta love her team spirit.

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